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«Ghost House» oasis in Paradise Valley, USA

A modern family home called Ghost Wash House was built in 2017 in Paradise Valley, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, according to the Architecture-Infrastructure-Research project. The architectural and design firm, founded in 2001 by architect Darren Petrucci (Darren Petrucci), designed the Ghost Wash House as an oasis in the Sonoran desert. Conceptually, the architects represented the house as a desert, a type of biome characteristic of the harsh climate of Arizona, which, thanks to water, is home to the life of all living things. The house is located along the lower hill on the northern stony side of Camelback Mountain and in form resembles the letter «H». The main construction of the house is made of bricks, using a variety of masonry, including decorative. The total area of ​​the house is 790 square meters.

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Two blocks of the building stretch parallel from north to south. In the east, shorter wing there is a garage, a kitchen, a family dining room and a home office, in the west there are three bedrooms, bathrooms and a family lounge. The jumper between the two blocks is a large living room with a dining room, which is protected by a massive overhanging roof. The geometric cantilever roof contains a rainwater harvesting system, as well as photovoltaic panels that power the house with electricity. The large roof protects the main living areas of the house from the intense heat and the scorching sun, its shadow, energy and water physically and symbolically nourish the life of the house.

The living room and the large dining room have panoramic windows, thanks to which the interior merges with the surrounding landscape into one spectacular composition. The lintel connecting the building blocks divides the site into two courtyards. The lower courtyard descends steps down the slope and ends with an outdoor pool with a separate guest house, which has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. For landscaping the yard, plants typical of the Sonoran desert are used, including xerophilous plants, agave, cacti, including the columnar cactus, saguaro.

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